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Homeowners Insurance

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Homeowners Insurance Information

For most of us our home is the most expensive purchase we will ever make. The job of your agent is to make sure that you have adequate coverage to properly insure you. We constantly see home policies that are poorly constructed with a lack of coverage. We pride ourselves on taking the time to explain to our customers what coverages are important for them, and we also shop the market to find the price that fits our customer’s budget.

If you are not sure of what "adequate coverage" means, we offer these tips to customers living in Chesterfield, Henrico, Hanover and surrounding counties in Virginia:

Have us reassess the replacement cost of your home.  This is the coverage amount the actual structure is insured for.  In Midlothian, Virginia we have seen replacement costs actually drop the last couple of years, but they are sure to increase again in the future.  Insurance companies will typically increase the insurance on your home up to 4% annually, and when the actual construction costs are not increasing it can cause an artifically high replacement cost as well as increased cost of insurance.

Every good home policy should have the following:

• Water & Sewer Back up coverage - example: "the upstairs toilet backs up from sewer line, overflows and does damage to floors and ceiling.  Typically unless you have the proper coverage your standard home policy excludes coverage for this.

• Ordinance or Law Coverage - County codes in counties like Chesterfield, Henrico and Hanover change constantly.  The insurance policy is only required to build it bak to the same as it was prior to a loss.  Without this coverage you may have to pay for costly increases due to more stringent code requirements here in Midlothian VA for instance.

• Scheduled Jewelry - Most common loss: You look down and your diamond has fallen out of your ring and you have NO IDEA where it is.  You were just out boating on the James River, Swift Creek Reservoir or Lake Chesdin...could it have come loose there?  The diamond was appraised at $10,000.  Your home insurance policy has VERY limited coverage for "mysterious disappearance" and you would be left to replace that loss on your own.  Schedule your jewelry, you'll thank us later!

For more help evaluating your home insurance needs, please give Total Insurance Planning a call at (804) 595-1900. We are always here to help!

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